Who We Are

We Make Your Vision Come True

In a world increasingly leaning towards renewable energy, LandAir Renewables has solidified its reputation as a leading force in commercial solar. Our journey, executed with unwavering dedication, has seen us engineer solar solutions that redefine excellence.

LandAir 30+ Years of Excellence

With three decades of experience in the energy, telecom and electrical sectors of our industrial economy, our reputation has been carved out by delivering on our promises and going beyond expectations…

We have successfully delivered professional, turnkey, construction services for over 30 years, as a trusted go to partner for some of the largest and most demanding global giants the world including Disney Corp, General Dynamics, Sprint, Verizon, Bechtel, AT&T laboratories, Ericsson and T-Mobile.

Challenging and Intricate public and private projects have been successfully installed on every conceivable type of structure including: skyscrapers, water tanks, suspension bridges, military bases, railroads, apartment buildings, casinos, industrial buildings, ocean Piers, underground subway facilities, malls, churches, large towers & billboards.

All Projects are meticulously planned, engineered, managed, and delivered on time and on budget.

Precision, Timeliness, and Unparalleled Professionalism

The commercial solar landscape is as dynamic as it is vast. Recognizing the importance of impeccable quality, we have joined hands with industry giants like SMA, Solar Edge, and Enphase. This strategic alignment ensures that our clients receive nothing short of the best.